Painting with a Twist

Busy bee --- that's me this past week or so since getting home from Boston/Maine trip!

We had a little get together this weekend at the in-laws house and it was good times, except for the rain of course :(

One of my favorite things from this weekend, however, was the date I went on!!! {Relax it wasn't with another guy --- it was with a girl!!}

One of my bestest best friends and my momma planned a whole surprise date for me for my birthday that involved booze and painting --- this new phenomenon that is popping up in strip centers all over.

Basically each night they offer a different painting and you choose the night/painting you want to participate and show up with your booze and snacks and get ready to become your own version of Leonardo Da Vinci. {Our studio was called Painting with a Twist, but there are others all over}

{I promise -- if this artistically challenged lady can do it then ANYONE can do it}

And the final masterpiece for your viewing pleasure

{Pinky swear I actually did this free handed with several drinks in my system --- hidden talent? HA}

My next goal is to get a big group, because you can do private parties and I think it would loads of fun for a girls night out or even a date night! {Always looking for new places}

Here are the lovely ladies of Painting with a Twist that evening:

- Lindsey Nicole

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Lindsey said...

OMG, the picture looks amazing! Y'all did a fantastic job! Looks like lots of fun, too!