That time I forgot to come home from Europe

First I want to say a gigantic thank you to the lovely ladies and their pups for keeping y'all entertained while I was away!

Me {and Murphy} were very happy!!

Second - today is the day for the scarf swap participants to show us the goods!

Unfortunately, I kind of forgot to come home from Europe and am currently sitting on my first high speed train to London!!

Get the high tea ready for me Kate!

So to all my scarf girls, go ahead and post and I promise to post about my fantastic scarf and the lovely lady who gave it to me as soon as I set my feet on American soil!

Lastly, I hope everyone in the States has a very Happy Thanksgiving and eat some turkey for me!



A Guest Post: Sarah and Floyd the Bassethound

Well fokks, after a very interesting, exhausting, hellish, stress inducing 16 hours, I am safe and snuggled in my hotel room ready to take on Germany!

I couldn't wait to get on here and see everyone's puppy posts!! Especially since I miss my own pooch so much it hurts --- and my husband too of course!

Today's guest poster has the most camera shy pup I have ever seen
Floyd was made for the camera! Take a look and you will be just like me...excited to head over and read about Floyd and his momma, Miss Sarah's, crazy dventrues over at Total Basset Case!


Hi there Creatively Classy friends!
I am Sarah and I blog over at Total Basset Case!
 and if you couldn't guess from my blog name, we (the Mister, ie the hubs and I) have a sassy, snuggable, cute as can be, basset hound, Floyd.
Floyd and I are so happy to be helping fill in while Lindsey is away!

So you could get to know him better, Floyd wanted me to tell you a few things about him.
He loves peanut butter and is stellar at snuggling.
He loves long walks through the neighborhood and especially if we make a pit stop at his girlfriend, Pepper's house.

Floyd is also SUPER sassy, and/or also dramatic, how he can not and will not catch a ball (but he probably doesn't want me tell you those things). Instead I'll tell you about how he keeps a dutiful eye on the neighborhood and is the self appointed neighborhood watch dog.
or how he will bring you beers
or how I dress him up for Halloween.
This year he was Eeyore
  but mostly about how stinkin cute he is.
So there you have Floyd in a nutshell.
He is quite the complex and particular dog but we love him!
Thanks for having us, Lindsey!
Feel free to come say hi over at TBC!


A Guest Post: TIff and Sherm from The Coffeehouse

Day two of doggie guest posts continue with one of the cutest chocolate lab I have ever seen 
{besides my Murphy Boy of course} 
And his super funny mama who makes me feel so much better for pretending Murphy is a tiny human trapped in a fur body. 

She said it best when she said "Us crazy dog moms must stick together!" 


Take it away Tiff and Mr. Sherman!


Well hello there. I'm Tiff, husband is Dan, and the horse lab you see there is Sherman. I blog over at The Coffeehouse; a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with coffee. Instead, I blog about everything, everyone and their dog. Literally. I love dogs.
I can't cook; husband cooks.
I can't sew; husband sews.
And I am still learning how to use my awesome new camera {I really wish I would have paid attention in that little photography class I took}. But, I can tell you that I am great at being honest. Especially when it comes to things I can't do.
And I am also great at loving animals.
And loving animals is more important than knowing how to cook and sew, right?
Sherman says yes. Husband says no.
Imagine that.

So back to my love for animals. I grew up with pets. Pets have always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I had dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and a hedgehog named Henry. So, it’s natural for me to love animals. And it’s natural for me to treat my dog like a kid, right? Right. I knew I liked you guys for a reason. So, what kinds of fun things do Sherman the kid and I do together?

We eat chocolate chip cookies.

We swing.

We go out for ice cream.

And if we do go out for ice cream ...
we always brush our teeth.

We ride in canoes.

We play basketball.

We drink beer.
(but only on the weekends of course)

And once in a great while ...
we'll even have our own little Easter Egg hunt.

Husband says I need help.

But husband still married me … whether I need help or not.
So, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not I’m crazy. If you actually do visit my blog ... I'm pretty sure that the answer to this will be "yes". An absolute yes.

Thanks for having us Lindsey! And Murphy boy, thanks for sharing your blog with Sherm. I know. It's tough.


A Guest Post: Darby and the Hawley Pups

As you guys are reading this post, I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure I don't forget my underwear or my toothbrush before heading to the airport!

Pretty soon I will be popping some benadryl and snoozing my around the world {well maybe not completely around, but 10 hours around}

No worries though, Miss Darby from Life with the Hawleys is here to entertain you and she has brought two of her favorite people pups along!

{Let me tell you a secret - Darby and I have recently become bloggy friends {and real life friends} and this girl.is.legit! She works, crafts, cooks, take photos, loves her hubby and her pups, hangs out with friends AND still finds time to have a rocking blog!}

Auf Wiedersehen Freunden!


Hi Creatively Classy readers!  Thanks Lindsey for letting us come invade your blog space!

Hi!    DSC_0921-2DSC_0556-3
Our mom, Darby, blogs over at Life with the Hawleys. She is a fun lady who loves coffee, crafting, shopping, our dad, and photography so go check her out.  She talks a lot about us, but hey, could you blame her?!
Today we wanted to tell you about the Dog Days of Fall.  Everyone says things like the “dog days of summer” and “it's a dogs life”....but seriously folks, the dog life is best in the fall,  and here is why:
Snuggling (and playing) under the covers6d59c236d71c11e1b3f322000a1e8899_7

Football season (and our name-sake)  This is how I got my name, and this is how Rooney got his name.DSC_0136-2

Begging for Thanksgiving scraps (Mom says our brown eyes get her every time; we know the sad puppy face is our secret weapon)Collage 2

Homemade pumpkin treats (insert wild tail wagging)DSC05948-2

Long napsCollage 1

Taking our mom and dad on walks for their coffee breakDSC_0288-2

Dressing up 6407b04ef5f311e1900e22000a1cbaa0_7

Wearing our fancy party clothes

Doesn’t that sound like so much doggy fun?  We love this season!  Feel free to come over to our mom’s blog and hear more about our dog tails tales.  Our mom seriously can’t get enough of us.Collage 3

Thanks Lindsey for letting us share about our favorite season!




I would say that 62.75% of the time I am calm, cool and collected person and the other 37.25% - not so much. I tend to be the queen bee of worrying and right now I am feeling the buzz...
In T-4 days I will be boarding a plane for my first international flight to the land of deutsch
{totally made that up...what does deutsch even mean??}

{just in case you were wondering that line - it's 10 hours long - eeep!}
More specifically I will be here:
{Dusseldorf, Germany}
I am mega stressing over everything from what to pack, to the time difference, to how much money to take/exchange, to how many Christmas markets I can conquer while there!
The part of the trip that should be most stress free  is that it is a work trip so most fees are covered :) tough I know! Buuuuut...it is my first international work trip and that screams pressure people!
I need your help! Any advice, tips, suggestions, do's/don'ts, must sees, must eats, anything at all!!
P.S. - I have some excellent ladies ready to entertain you with the daily details of their lives and they may or may not be bringing along their furry friends!

- Lindsey Nicole


Happy Voting Day and A Giveaway!

Anybody else ready for this politics BS to be over with???
Don't get me wrong, I did my civic duty and FULLY believe as an American everyone should....
But I am ready to hear about something other what slimeball thing one candidate or the other is doing today!
Sidenote: Look what I got at Starbucks this morning with my PSL

cool huh?!
On to more interesting things...a giveaway!
Miss Carley over at Suburban Sweets is doing a super sweet giveaway and yours truly has some goodies in there!
Go check it out and enter to win some custom thank you cards designed by me!!
- Lindsey Nicole


Friday Favorites: CMA Style

Let's try this Friday Favorites thing - CMA Style!

There is nothing that I love more than a good country music concert and the CMA’s are just that – except I have to sit really close to the tv and pretend I am cool enough to be there.

One day…

Anyways, last night’s CMA’s did not disappoint and I can say with a smile on my face that my couple crush Blake and Miranda cleaned it up last night and were definitely the big winners of the night!

Here are some of my favorite moments:

When Blake and Miranda won best song for “Over You” – Just watch the clip
Seriously, they are the cutest damn thing I have ever seen! “Miranda – I cried right along with your honey.”

 Carrie Underwood – I mean, I guess it was her job as host to rock it all night, but come on, that girl could wear a bunny costume and be hot
 Keith Urban – Maybe he was confused and thought he was going out to dinner at the Applebee’s?
{On the left - a grown up. On the right - a high school kid}

Brad Paisley {with the choir} – goosebumps for days! And hands down, he is the best guitar player in the biz
{boo - I can't find the video}

Taylor Swift….Why? Do we need to be in Paris just to get through this song?
{I may or may not have had a few more detailed comments on Facebook last night…..}

 Miranda Lambert for Female Vocalist of the Year – Props to her for mentioning every other candidate and not making it all about her….I didn’t hear anyone else do that, did you?
Who knows…I usually fast forward through the speeches, unless it’s one of my favs…hence my answer for best speech lol

Brad and Carrie’s Gangnam Style dance
Happy Friday!!!
- Lindsey Nicole


Scarf Obsession...great deals!

Since I decided to host the scarf swap, I have been looking at scarves everywhere I go.
{It's like when you want a baby and everyone else seems to be pregnant...well sort of}
Anyways, for those ladies who signed up {and those who didn't} here are some super cute places with super cute scarves right now --- all for under $20 bucks!
{P.S. - tomorrow by 2pm is the last day to sign up for the swap so don't miss out!!}

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- Lindsey Nicole