Losing a part of me...

What a terrible reason to start back blogging, but what is a blog if not a place to vent? A place to talk, even when it's simply to yourself.

Facebook is filled with Judging Judys and I would write in a diary, but I'm almost positive I would lose it.

Today I'm happy I don't rock the blog world and have a gazillion readers because today's post isn't for you. It's for me...to hopefully easy the pain.

I lost a part of who I am this past weekend and I'm still wandering around wondering how to breathe again. My parents were the new couple on the street and I was the new baby with no grandparents. That didn't last long. She made sure that from day one I knew that she loved me. They both did.

All of the major moments in my life have her in them. Twenty-five years worth all the things grandmas are best at. The most recent was the day that they stood up, with the rest of my blood family, as my grandparents, on my wedding day. No questions asked. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

You would think that as many times as someone close to me has died that this would get easier. That the pain wouldn't be so debilitating anymore. Wrong. Something's different this time; something's worse.

Hear me out. When you are related to someone by blood, it's like you are obligated to love them. They are your family, no matter what. But what about when you aren't related? She didn't have to love me. She didn't have to treat me like one of her own for 25 years. But she did and that's what makes this so hard. I grew up with her by my side. Through all of this, the best thing that someone has told me was "She was an amazing lady and she helped make you that way too - don't forget that."

God, I miss her.

I don't make new year's resolutions. They are just meant to be broken, so what's the point? But this year is different. This year, the lady next door that I loved more than I ever could have imagined was taken from me in the blink of an eye. Why didn't I even know she was sick? Life got in the way.

I only need one...Cherish the people you love. Make time for phone calls, coffee dates, card games, unannounced visits and birthday cards because one day, they won't be around to enjoy those things with.


Return to civilization and $5 digital download

The vicious cycle of not blogging for more months than one can count goes a little something like this...

Month 1 - "It's only been a month and I have been super busy - I will apologize and be incredibly charming and all is forgiven right?"

Month 2 - "Damn, I forgot I wrote that post but never finished it last month. Hopefully when I am traveling for work I can catch up on my posts in the hotel. *big promises*"

Month 3 - "What the hell do I post that anyone who hasn't heard from me in 3 months will remotely give a shit about??"

Aaaand here we are.

So instead of talking to you too much, how about a special coupon?

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Happy Hump Day {almost}!
 - Lindsey Nicole


New House Tour {Before}

The husband and I have been busy bees trying to get paint on the walls and furniture in the right rooms and I can finally say that the house is coming together!! {Slowly}
I am not quite ready to take the after pictures, but what are after pictures without before pictures??
So here is a little tour of the house before - excuse the DISASTER we didn't want to commit to anything yet lol

Home Sweet Home!
{View from the driveway}
Right side of fireplace 
{View from front door} 

Living room wall - behind couch
{Entrance on right leads into the hallway}

 Main wall of living room - houses the fireplace

 Windows in living room facing front yard
{View from breakfast area}

View through living room, breakfast area and 'mini mudroom'
The breakfast/dining area
{The area in the back has a small step down into what I call our "mini mudroom". It leads to the backyard}
Left wall {shared with kitchen} of the breakfast/dining area
P.S. - See the sticky notes? They totally have measurements and color names on them so we wouldn't paint the wall the wrong color!
Extra room that used to be the garage
{Ignore the duck...}
 The entrance to the kitchen {View from the sink}

Kitchen sink and windows to backyard
{Same as above, but with the 'new' dishwasher}
 The empty corner that is supposed to house a pantry, but doesn't
{This isn't a TRUE before pic, because that stove is new {to us} and waaaay better than it's predecessor}
Full bath complete with vintage retro painted tile!

 Half bath also starring the painted tile...in teal!

Laundry room - it has a window :)

After pictures to come shortly, but for now I can only concentrate on one thing...