sopapilla cheesecake

it's thanksgiving time and everyone knows that means eating baking lots of yummy things!

i wanted to share a recipe that i ABSOLUTELY love to eat make when i have people over!

introducing Sopapilla Cheesecake

pictured here you will need the following:
2 rolls of regular crescent rolls
3 8oz. bars of cream cheese
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 stick melted butter

2 tsp. cinnamin
1/2 cup sugar

Step 1: Whip cream cheese, vanilla and sugar until completely mixed

Step 2: Roll out one can of crescent rolls into bottom of greased 9X13in. baking dish

Step 3: Spread cream cheese mixture on top of crescent rolls in pan

Step 4: Roll 2nd can of crescent rolls on top of cream cheese mixture

Step 5: Brush on melted butter; sprinkle cinnamin/sugar topping over entire cheescake

Step 6: bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

Be prepared for people to say "Oh my gosh, this is so good! Was it hard?" This is where you reply, "Yes I spent all day making it!"

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Love always - Lindsey Nicole

date night

even though mr. wonderful's life revolves around giant books containing various amounts of law mumbo jumbo...he decided to take a study break so we could have a date night!

it was a very classy and detailed oriented evening so get ready to be jealous!

first we went to pick up to-go orders at House of Pies (if you find yourself wondering what this is.....please take a day and go...your life will forever be changed!)

and that would be a slice of strawberry cheesecake for the hubby and a slice of carrot cake for me....now i know you are thinking, "wait it's called house of PIES", but have no fear they do have cake too!

next we stopped off at Redbox and rented the funniest movie of all time...

again if you haven't heard of this or seen it....please do! you will not regret it!

anyways that is the high sophisticated date night and it was one of the best ones yet...if i do say so myself!

Love always - Lindsey Nicole

ps - i know you are all (by all i mean the 2 people who are following me lol) wondering about how the wedding went in Corpus and i promise i will have pictures soon!


weekends...past and future

this past weekend i spent time doing things that are outside my box and surprise surprise I LOVED IT!

Saturday mr. wonderful and i spent the morning (even with freezing temperatures....52 degrees!) cementing fence posts, laying sod and digging trenches......court ordered community service - nope - habitat for humanity......aggie style!

i wish i could say i had pictures but those activities did NOT make for classy pictures :)

sunday - i attended one of the biggest conventions in the country.....the international quilt show! you can wake up now - it was actually very interesting! even better was the company who joined me - the most wonderful woman i know - my mom!

**my 21st birthday in vegas!

the quilts that we saw were more than just quilts - they were art.....check out a few


*can you tell i love dogs

i do have to skip to next weekend now because its another PACKED weekend because mr wonderful and i's 1st couple friends (awww cue cuteness) are finally getting married and we couldn't be more excited to stand with them on their special day!

so this week is full of craziness:
- preparing stinky face to spend the weekend with his grandma
- making our couple friends amazing wedding gift (that's another post!)
- cleaning out my car (i should win an award for this lol)
- figuring out what i am going to do with my crazy short hair at the wedding....eek!

anyways i will update y'all on all my craziness during the week and let you know how everything turns out!

always lindsey nicole


A part of something big

Yesterday I was privileged to be a part of something BIG - and I mean BIG! My crazy co-worker, Tess, whom I love oh so much asked me to help her do something special.

You see, Tessie (as I like to call her) is getting hitched! (See their engagement pics and the HUGE ROCK at www.amodernsuburbaniteslife.blogspot.com) Now 1st things 1st, she needs a maid of honor and who better to ask then her older sister.......but how you ask?

This is how! A homemade personalized coloring page done by ME!

This makes more sense when I tell you that Tessie's sister has a 3-year-old angel who will be the coloring artist for this masterpiece :)


- Lindsey Nicole


Mid-20s Crisis

Everyone has heard of mid-life crisis...well sad to say I just had a mid-20s crisis.

So I sat down and thought about my options...fancy new sports car.....plastic surgery.....a new pet.....a closet full of new shoes.....buuut I might just have to dig through the couch cushions for any of those, so I went with something a little less pricey, but JUST as dramatic.

TA-DA! 8 inches later (get your mind out of the gutter folks)

Don't judge me on the picture quality...Mr. Wonderful wasn't home to run the photo shoot. I love my new haircut! I foresee a winter full of cute headbands all new hair dos :)

Yes that is my devil baby in the background.....I promise to show you A LOT better pictures of the stinkiest cutest man in my life real soon!


Friday Finds

Today is Friday Finds...and my find for today was in two words - "totally inspiring"

I have no idea why it was there or who created it but it's just beautiful......isn't it! You better believe that if I could draw anything that even resembled a stick figure I might be inspired to do so after seeing this.

And to think I would have missed it if I hadn't been on a crack mission!


Baby it's cold outside...unless you're in Houston...then it's not

For those of you in other places, it ACTUALLY feels like fall...but for those of us in Houston we will most likely be sweating all the way into Christmas!

To trick myself into thinking its Fall, I turned my monthly trip to heaven Michael's into a trip all about Fall! I found this crafty project on Pinterest (they should call that site addicting.com but that is a WHOLE other post) and I thought it would be perfect to bring Fall inside!

Here is the final product........brace yourself........it's pretty wonderful........

Now here is how to make them...

What you will need:

2 fake pumpkins (any colors and size you prefer) - $20.00 (I got them on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby)
1 bottle of Martha Stewart craft glue - $2.99
1 bottle of Martha Stewart glitter (any color you prefer) - $4.99
Newspaper - to cover your workspace

TOTAL: $28.00 ($18.00 if you are a cheap bargain shopper like mwuah!)

Take a pencil and lightly draw the scroll marks in the appropriate places
*tip* Be careful when erasing mistakes - you don't want to mess up the color on the pumpkins...I used white pumpkins so it was easier, but with orange or black it will take off the color

To apply the glue you can do it several ways. (I chose to just use the bottle) You can use a small paint brush or a tool with a point (toothpick, pen cap, etc.)
*tip* Do your best to apply glue with a steady handy...the straighter the line the better it will look once the glitter is applied
*tip* I did one scroll at a time in order to keep the glue from drying to quickly
*tip* I was able to do the entire pumpkin at once on the smaller one, but I had to do half and let it dry and then finish the other side on the bigger one

STEP 3: Go get that 4-year-old I know is inside you...it's time to get messy!
Shake the colored glitter of choice all over the glue, fully covering it. Once you have it covered, shake excess glitter onto the newspaper.


STEP 5: Once the pumpkins are completely dry I used a hair dryer, set on cool, to get off the little bit of excess glitter that didn't shake off earlier.

STEP 6: To set the glitter I put on a light layer of hair spray.

AND YOUR DONE! Now put them on your mantle, your bookshelf or wherever else needs a breath of fresh air.