Baby it's cold outside...unless you're in Houston...then it's not

For those of you in other places, it ACTUALLY feels like fall...but for those of us in Houston we will most likely be sweating all the way into Christmas!

To trick myself into thinking its Fall, I turned my monthly trip to heaven Michael's into a trip all about Fall! I found this crafty project on Pinterest (they should call that site addicting.com but that is a WHOLE other post) and I thought it would be perfect to bring Fall inside!

Here is the final product........brace yourself........it's pretty wonderful........

Now here is how to make them...

What you will need:

2 fake pumpkins (any colors and size you prefer) - $20.00 (I got them on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby)
1 bottle of Martha Stewart craft glue - $2.99
1 bottle of Martha Stewart glitter (any color you prefer) - $4.99
Newspaper - to cover your workspace

TOTAL: $28.00 ($18.00 if you are a cheap bargain shopper like mwuah!)

Take a pencil and lightly draw the scroll marks in the appropriate places
*tip* Be careful when erasing mistakes - you don't want to mess up the color on the pumpkins...I used white pumpkins so it was easier, but with orange or black it will take off the color

To apply the glue you can do it several ways. (I chose to just use the bottle) You can use a small paint brush or a tool with a point (toothpick, pen cap, etc.)
*tip* Do your best to apply glue with a steady handy...the straighter the line the better it will look once the glitter is applied
*tip* I did one scroll at a time in order to keep the glue from drying to quickly
*tip* I was able to do the entire pumpkin at once on the smaller one, but I had to do half and let it dry and then finish the other side on the bigger one

STEP 3: Go get that 4-year-old I know is inside you...it's time to get messy!
Shake the colored glitter of choice all over the glue, fully covering it. Once you have it covered, shake excess glitter onto the newspaper.


STEP 5: Once the pumpkins are completely dry I used a hair dryer, set on cool, to get off the little bit of excess glitter that didn't shake off earlier.

STEP 6: To set the glitter I put on a light layer of hair spray.

AND YOUR DONE! Now put them on your mantle, your bookshelf or wherever else needs a breath of fresh air.

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