Mud Pits, Fire Jumping, Wall Scaling Fun!

For those of you who couldn't sleep at night because of all the worry for my life while I ran the Warrior Dash...rest easy!

I am alive and in one piece and I actually had a really good, disgustingly dirty time!

For those who haven't ever heard of this please take 2 minutes and watch the hellish ordeal unfold below:

I KNOW RIGHT!! INSANE! But it was so worth it and don't worry, I killed it!
#6444 out of #7357 ...pretty impressive huh?!

That's us before we left for the race and we were still in denial about what we had willingly signed ourselves up for


After 3.2 miles of crawling through mud pits, fire jumping, wall scaling, rope climbing and jogging through so much freaking mud I had to throw my shoes away, me and my momma finally crossed the finished line and received our medals!

And then we HAD to take our Warrior photo with those super cute warrior hats they gave at check in...please notice the obscene amount of mud!

please note: my pants....used to be light grey

And the best part was that all the money goes to St. Jude's which I couldn't be more happy about! They also had people donate their muddy tennis and they will clean them up and donate them!

So all in all it was a ridiculous day of everything disgusting and dirty but it was all for a great cause and I really enjoyed it! And I became fully aware of how much of a true warrior I really am :)

- Lindsey Nicole


A little of this...a little of that

I know I know...I can't keep up with my life right now and it seems that this little blog falls by the wayside and I'M SORRY!

Here is a quick recap {in pictures of course} from the last couple weeks - so you know I haven't been completely ignoring you....

1. Rodeo, Rodeo, Rodeo {it's March in Houston...what else is there}

That's us at the extremely talented and not so bad to look at Mr. Chris Young

I also got to see my girl Miranda and it was a blast! Remember this post? Yeah I kind of LOVE her AND her hubby who I also saw this Rodeo season!

And I had great company! Even though...sad news...my original date was busy puking her guts out :(

{Please excuse how hideously awful I look, as I may or may not be deathly somewhat allergic to horses...I know I'm pretty intelligent for going}

2. New toy!

Once you go MAC, you never go back. {That's not how it goes? What?} I have added another piece of technology from the gods to my collection and I.CANT.TURN.IT.OFF!

3. Fishing - Well they were...

My two favorite fellas...my maroon heart swells with pride! That would be the hubs and my baby brother {he isn't a baby anymore though...sniff}...by the way, that fish creeps me out...unless he is fried!

Here is my other favorite man
{Don't you just want to kiss him? The dog...}

4. WORK, WORK, WORK - but I did get to see an old friend!


5. Lastly, I have been losing sleep at night worrying about dying tomorrow...more to come on this if I live!

Lord, I am sorry for everything I have EVER done...please let me live!

More later...hopefully!

- Lindsey Nicole