Thanks and Gig 'Em

Ahhh! My life has been absolutely turned upside down these last two weeks.

Everyone has this excuse when they neglect their children right? and by child, I mean blog of course - I would never neglect an actual child - unless my husband counts lol

Anywho - I wanted to spend a few minutes gushing about my school pride as it seems to be that time of year - what with all the football games and tailgates resuming.

If you do not bleed maroon or more specifically if you bleed burnt orange {ahem} - fair warning on this here Aggie post

This past weekend I made that all too familiar drive to my 2nd home - good ole College Station, TX {My Best Friend's Wedding anyone? anyone?}

It was my Aggies season opener in our brand spankin new conference, the SEC  and not considering the minor situation of losing the game - my boys and my town did not disappoint!

I know what you non-Aggies are thinking - "Wow, she was definitely brainwashed and is now part of the Texas A&M cult" - yeah, yeah, yeah I have heard it before and here is my answer...

If you attend a major university, especially in the south, especially in Texas - you get sucked into the "cult" of that school's traditions, culture, people and atmosphere.

And if you don't then you are wasting your money - that is part the college experience - be proud of your school and what it represents!

The atmosphere in College Station and Kyle Field is something you have to experience to understand - we have a saying at A&M and it describes our "cult" better than I can


{Stepping off the soap box now} Back to this weekend - here are my favorite parts of Aggie football game days

Tent Sales
 Just a few choices! Don't worry I got 4 new ones :)

Don't worry the hubby got one too - needless to say - he loved it

Check out this little nugget of an idea I found at the tent sale! Genius I tell you!

Seriously if you ever need anything with the Aggie logo enblazened on it - this is the place to get it. T-shirts, koozies, dog collars, shorts, hoodies, dominoes - you know the essentials.

All for college student prices - AKA cheap

I might have picked up new shirts and accessories for every member of my household included Murph dog. {bandana pics to come}

The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
{history lesson: the Corp of Cadets are a staple at Texas A&M - more importantly a staple at Aggie football games - best.band.in.town}

Proof {old video, but still amazing}
Just watching this makes me smile 

me and my not so baby sister {too damn grown up}

Taking pictures in front of Kyle Field - along with 80,000 of my closest friends

 There she is - home of the 12th Man

Hey close friends! {except the hottie in the background with his hand on his hip}

Just driving through town and seeing the school spirit - especially on the munckins!
my super stinkin' cute 2nd cousins

game day flags lining University Blvd.

Another proud Aggie showing his true colors!

Representing even in his sleep - I like it!

Point is - I freaking love my school - always will! 

Thanks and Gig 'Em

Oh yeah and the actual football game is fun too!! 84,000 screaming fans - what's not to love right!?


Bri Buzali said...

gig'em! I love this school and it's a feeling that's hard to describe, you just have to experience it. awesome post!

BDM said...

Could not agree more, even as UT grad, " especially in the south, especially in Texas - you get sucked into the "cult" of that school's traditions, culture, people and atmosphere." and the banner, it is impossible to understand from the outside and even more impossible to explain it!!