Lunch with Paula Deen

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the picture I posted of Miss Southern herself, Paula Deen. {If not, follow me at lpeters27}

That's right folks - Paula {we are on a first name basis} was in Houston for the MetroHouston cooking show this past weekend and me the momma scored some last minute tickets.

A day of sampling from food booths and 2 hours of Paula? I could feel my waistline increasing the second I bought the tickets.

"All I needed y'all was a little bit more buttah"

"Mmmm Michael, that is so good honey"

As if it couldn't get any more exciting than Paula and me - I picked up some goodies at that show that make me wish I was smart enough to have come up with them!

These two gadgets are seriously the coolest things I have ever seen - like cooler than drive through strawberry daquiri. Cooler than automatic flushing toliets. Cooler than Siri. {well she sucks but the idea was cool}

If somebody would have brought these to me in the beginning though, I would have told them to try again. {yeah good thing I am not on Shark Tank}

Speaking of Shark Tank - this first item I am obsessed with is called Rock It 3.0 and it was previous on Shark Tank - I can't really explain it other than to say you can make speakers out of ANYTHING. And by anything I mean a freaking tissue box folks!!

Just watch {and then pick your jaw up} because it is f*#$@%! amazing!

Seriously everone I know is getting one for Christmas whether they like it or not
My second obsession - spray coffee
{yes you read that correctly}

A can of spray coffee that I can carry around in my purse? What? Don't worry I didn't believe it until I watched in person and tasted it!

No joke - you spray this in the bottom of your glass, add milk and stir. See ya later Starbucks and your ridiculous prices; This girl just bought 35 cups of iced coffee for less than .30 a glass!

Yep - Inventi Coffee is only $10 for the whole can and it doesn't have to be refridgerated and they are coming out with flavored ones in January and it only has 5 calories per serving and it's not full of crazy ingredients you have never heard of and it's the 5 best coffee beans from around the world in ONE CAN.

Phew! I need a glass right now just talking about it!

Seriously I just wish I could have come up with something half as genius as these things. Props to these folks for sticking with it and making their dreams a reality!

No they did not pay me or send me free things to say this - I was completely sucked in on my own accord lol

How was your weekend? Did you find any items worth ranting over???
 - Lindsey Nicole

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