It's Who I Am

hi im lindsey. im a girl in my early 20s learning to live in the big ole' city of houston - here are a few things about me

* im a fighting texas aggie through and through
* i need diet coke like a smoker needs cigarettes
* i only drink from cups with straws
* i watch days of our lives
* i feel the need to talk to and pet every dog i see (against my
husbands pleading)

* i am a creative visual person who needs the same in order to learn
* my dream is to own my own graphic design business - hence my love for my
* more than anything in the world i love to laugh
* give me a good romance novel and drop me on a beach and im happy
* my husband has been my one and only since i was 16
* the 2nd love of my life slobbers and sheds his weight in hair (he's

* i have an obsession that is at an addict's level for high heels
* everything is better with a little ranch dressing on the side
* i love all things classy and girly and frequently like to buy them
(again against my husband's pleading)

* i am a social butterfly whose world revolves around my family and

i'm starting a new chapter in my life, hence the new grab a seat (preferably in a big comfy armchair because those are straight from heaven i tell you) and read along with a simple girl's life in the big city - done creatively classy of course!

Love always - Lindsey Nicole