I Believe In...Link Ups!

So here goes...

I believe in love - the can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff

I believe in quoting movies like it's my job 

I believe in choosing your battles, with yourself and others; I also believe this is easier said than done

I believe in the smile I get every time my hubby walks through the door

I believe in diet coke as a food group

I believe in playing hooky from life when it's storming

I believe that the only way to talk to a dog is with an annoying baby voice

I believe in being comfortable in your own skin - with and without your clothes on ;)

I believe in growing up and realizing that your mom is one of your best friends

I believe in spending money from the savings account - on important things, like vacations

I believe in wet noses, soft ears and snuggly puppy faces - they are the cure for everything

I believe that the disasters of the world {Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, etc.} were created for my entertainment and just so us 9-5ers can feel better about our mundane lives

I believe that you can't love unconditionally until you have had a broken heart 

I believe in driving with the windows down, listening to country music on the perfect summer day

I believe in drunken nights with your best friends and stories to tell for years

I believe in dressing up - for a fancy party

or otherwise....

I believe in laughing until you can't even remember why you are laughing anymore

I believe in standing up for what you believe in - even if you are standing alone

I believe in guilty pleasures, like soap operas and bubble baths  

I believe you make your own happiness!

Happy Friday!
Oh yeah - I believe in Erin @ Living in Yellow!
- Lindsey Nicole

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Lins said...

We both believe in a lot of the same things!! I think my fave was the mom is your best friend one. My mom is my best friend, we talk so many times a day and that does not include all of our texting! :) Oh the picture you posted of your sweet cute little lab looks exactly like my lab, Carson when he was a pup!