A woman is helpless until her nail polish dries

Ain't that the truth!  Well I have the solution...I think

I  have this crazy co-worker (miss tess from A Modern Suburbanite's Life) and she is BEYOND obsessed with nail polish and I have finally fallen into her trap and now every time I go to any damn store that sells it I have to stop and paint every nail a different color!

{and it's inevitable that I leave with one...or two}

But, if you know me then you know that I have the craziest nails and absolutely NOTHING seems to stay on my nails no matter what I try! Normally within 2 days I have chips everywhere and that just ridiculous! {why can't I have pretty nails like everyone else?}

During my browsing at Walgreens the other day I came across a new product that I just HAD to try {why not...I have tried just about everything else!}

Supposedly, with just 4 steps and 15 minutes you have beautiful - DRY nails...here we go.

1. Put the activator on one hand
2. Put the gel color over that
3. Put activator on 2nd hand
4. Put activator on 2nd hand
REPEAT and your done!

Look how they turned out.....

{ignore my cuticles...one step at a time alright}

I was very impressed with how quick it went on and how fast it dried {this girl doesn't have time to sit with tacky wet nails for 30 minutes!} I could have literally washed my hair within 5-7 minutes on finishing!

{and ladies and gentlemen THAT is no small feat... it NEVER FAILS that if I wash my hair my polish will be nonexistent after...SERIOUSLY?!}

Two issues: 1). If you are not fast enough with the gel color it will look streaky because the activator is drying and get tacky
2.) They only had it in 4 colors...not. good. news.

Moral of the story - go get it...it's worth it! {Tessie - aren't you proud of my polish post??!}

- Lindsey Nicole

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AModernSuburbanitesLife.com said...

UM. I LOVE THIS. Bring to work on monday!!! love you!