A friendly visit

Remember this post?

That was just one stop on a girls only shopping/eating/drinking spree that me and one of my best friends had when she came to visit me a few weekends ago!

There she is!! The cutie on the left is my Baylor bear friend I went to visit here

Anyways...I digress...she came in for a job interview and we decided to make the most of the weekend


If you know me, you know that food is my friend :) and if it's in a new restaurant then I. AM. THERE!

Here is what we started with...

We ate it so fast I can't even remember what was all on it, but it is one of the best pizza's I have had in a LONG time!

And as much as I loved the pizza, I can honestly say I forgot all about the pizza when they brought these puppies out


If you are out one evening and you are looking for a great atmosphere try Alto - you will love the live music, personable service, upscale ambiance (without the upscale prices!), not to mention food that is out of this world!

...whoa I talked about that restaurant waaay more than planned...let's move on

We also decided to have a night in one night, but don't worry, it definitely involved food (AND dessert!) and maybe a margarita or two!


entree courtesy of the Pioneer Woman

deliciousness dessert

Needless to say we ate our way through the weekend with a few pit stops to buy some unnecessary crucial items!

Love you Allison!! Can't wait to see you soon!

- Lindsey Nicole

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Allison said...

Love you doll! So glad I got to see you!!