Birchbox Bandwagon!

I have finally done it! Thanks to The Small Things Blog, I have fallen madly in love with Birchbox! 

{Don't know what it is??} 

 It's a wonderful site that has hundreds of beauty essentials from nail polish, to shampoos/conditioners, to makeup and on and on. 

The best part about Birchbox is that they offer a subscription program where for only $10 a month you get a box delivered right to your door with sample size bottles of the their hottest items. That way you can try the products without having to buy the full size ones...trust though that after trying some you will be back on their site purchasing full size products! 

So back to my lack of will power story...I have been drooling over multiple Birchbox products for months now since I started reading The Small Thing's blogpost every month where she goes through the box that she got. 

Today I broke down and made a impulsive very rational purchases...not ONE, but TWO times! My first Birchbox purchase was this shade of nail polish that SCREAMS summer and I can't wait to try it in 5-7 business days!

{All I see is the the water in front of me, the sand in my toes, a margarita in my hand....I know I'm dreaming right lol}

My second purchase was the monthly subscription...which I CANNOT wait to share with y'all in hopes I can suck you in right along with me!
Happy Birchboxing! 

 - Lindsey Nicole

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