Summer is here!

Well it's April in Houston and that means it might as well be summer, because it is hot as hell already!

I don't about y'all, but I love everything about summer {well maybe not everything...not the sweating or the way the humidity makes me look like I stuck my finger in a light socket...but thats besides the point!}

What I do love are the bright colors...the sun on my skin...the sleeveless sun dresses...the open toed shoes...driving with the windows down, listening to Chris Young serenade me with his super sultry voice that is so...whoa sorry I got carried away!

{don't believe me?...listen to this and tell me you don't swoon over that voice!}

Now that you are all die hard Chris Young fans :) here are some more things I am loving for this summer!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this color combination and wish this was in my closet as we speak!

Wouldn't these be perfect out by the pool! Pinned here

Perfect for a day on the boat or at a picnic...I LOVE the crochet look...I need something that is crocheted...shoes...shorts...dress...pronto! Pinned here

I think I love the neon trend almost as much as I love the crocheted trend...especially in nail polish! Pinned here


EVERYONE needs one of these disgustingly cute babies to play in the yard with on those gorgeous summer days!

ps - here is a video of my baby now

- Lindsey Nicole

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