Mom Prom?

Anybody ever heard of a mom prom? {me either}

Apparently, the new "thing" popping up around the country is the self explanatory "mom prom"...and when I say self explanatory...I mean

It's a prom type event where older woman dress in their old prom digs and party the night away! The night comes with a DJ, food and even a sparkly tiara for the prom queen...hey what else does a girl need?

Some of the events even donate all proceeds of ticket sales to various charities! This is starting to sound like something I might do when I hit the mom prom age!

Would you go to a mom prom?

Check out these rockin' lady's dresses! Oh the 80's styles...

Sneak peak...tomorrow...$13.99 at home gel manicure that lasts for 10 days?? YES PLEASE!

- Lindsey Nicole

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