Babies, houses and puppies oh my!

Oh - what have I been up to you ask?

You know - the usual - buying a house, getting pregnant, getting a new puppy and buying a new car.

HA! Seriously? None of those things - but here are few things slightly less exciting that I am not lying about doing

Role Playing:
{don't be naughty lol}

The World Trade Soiree that my job hosts every year is the place to be and be seen! This year's theme was Luck Be Houston - think Vegas and Audrey Hepburn/Frank Sinatra/Marilyn Monroe. {It's also an excuse to get all gussied up!} 

See that little lady in the 2nd picture on the 2nd row? You might recognize her as Miss Tess from A Modern Suburbanite's Life! Yep, I get to see that shining face everyday at work - here is what we do.

Napping with my baby:
there are no words folks

Eating like I don't have an inner tube on my stomach to lose:

 Houston Restaurant Weeks - if you live in Houston, look it up! Best way to try the fancy shmancy restaurants on a budget!

Seriously? Salted caramel and chocolate fudge macaroons? Kill me now

Mani/Pedis with the Sister-in-Law:
China Glaze: Dance Baby = obsessed! P.S. - I just ordered it on Amazon for $5 {including shipping} WHAT?

Retail Therapy:
I caved - they were calling me. by name. - I am now the proud owner of a bouncing baby May Book! 

I would seriously live inside this store if that wouldn't lead to my arrest and my husband's irritation

topless. NOT - gag me
Happy Labor Day Weekend!! Best friends a girl could get and an amazing weekend!

Things I did NOT do:
1. Eat healthy
2. Save money
3. Work on my blog
4. Work on my website
5. Clean my house

Point is - I am back!! And I have some exciting posts coming up! 

Good night moon. Good night stars. Good night blog.

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Erin said...

I things I never do: eat healthy, save money, clean my aparment. I'm with ya.