Inspire Me Healthy Link Up {and rant}

I have turned over a new leaf folks! Since my last post about my prize winning strategy I have become serious about this whole weight loss thing.
I started my gym routine on Monday, August 20th and last week I went 4 times and so far this week, I have gone 3. Not a huge deal, but better than the -3 days I was going right?
I have made a point of upping my time on the elliptical every day and am now up to 4 miles {in under 25 minutes} without resting. {This makes me smile just reading it!}
Since the last Inspire Me Healthy post, I am so excited to say that I have lost....
1.5 pounds!
Who know that such a small goal could feel so damn good!?
The hardest part is most definitely the weekends, especially since my husband has the taste buds of a toddler and the ability to eat like a linebacker
I have also come to a few more conclusions {I guess those 25 minutes on the elliptical give me extra time to contemplate life lol}:
Totally my personal opinion:
I think when people say “Oh I don’t eat/like fried food” or “I don’t eat/like cake” or “I really love the taste of tofu”  - they are full of shit.
Seriously – I know that fried food is bad for you; I know in large quantities it can make you sick; I know. I know. I know. – I also know it tastes good people! For those who say it doesn’t – I don’t believe you. Period.
Anyways, I decided that I will/can never be one of those people. So, if I can limit {notice I did not say eliminate that stuff my from diet – because AGAIN. IT. IS. NOT. REALISTIC} myself on that stuff long enough to get myself down to the weight I want to be at, then there is nothing wrong with having it every now and then. I do not believe that piece of cake for a friend’s birthday is going to send over the obese edge.

{That being said, I do not plan to stop exercising or go back to the unhealthy way I was eating prior to this either}
I just think there is a middle - somewhere between unrealistic rabbit eating and unhealthy hippo overeating. {No hard feelings for either animal though - just not my style}
I also believe that a lot of it is portion control – so instead of a piece of cake the size of my face – I have one that is the size of half my face {kidding I only have a few bites} and I don’t do it every day.
Well enough ranting for today – 1.5 pounds down and 3.5 to go for my first pretty prize!
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P.S. - after rereading this, it is official - I have a cake problem
- Lindsey Nicole


Traci Aerykssen said...

1.5 lbs is awesome! I am currently maintaining so I am totally jealous of that pound and a half! ;D good luck next week :)

bonbon said...

I totally agree with you that it's all about cutting down not eliminating completely. Lets face it if I cut out sweets out completely I would have no motivation to live, much less go on a diet. I'm all about little rewards- even if the reward is cake! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)