Online Shopping Addict Right Here

This is why I don’t go on vacation! I cannot get my overly fed self back in the swing of anything – cleaning – cooking – working – blogging – life in general.

However, I am excellent at online shopping no matter what mode I am in!

I am currently waiting on 4 pretty little packages to come in the mail {2 of which are out for delivery today – wahoo!} {3 of which are going to have to sneaked into my house to avoid questioning!}


Thanks to Miss Tara over at Fabulous But Evil – I have successfully stocked up on Elf products to last me through the winter. What a better way to start off becoming a junkie that with a 50% off sale??

Yep – I came away with 6 eye shadows, 2 new brushes, a face primer and a concealer all for $22 smackeroos – THAT’S IT! {plus I got free shipping – hello awesome!}

All I know is that I am super excited to try my new products {and tell y’all about it} and if I hate their guts – oh well I only spent $22 bucks.


My new business cards {from moo.com}are on their way to my door step!! EEK! I am officially a business woman – DBA name and all!

New blog design and more on this coming soon!


Thanks to Groupon – another one of my many hobbies {can Groupon even be a hobby? Maybe it should be a sport!} I recently purchased these puppies for only $12!

{probably why I cannot find a link for y'all that isn't sold out!!}

I love me some Betsy Johnson accessories {but my wallet does not} so when I saw these on sale I scooped em up faster than my hubby could say no :)


No, I do not go around dressed like a 1960’s pinup girl on the weekends {however that would be interesting wouldn’t it}

My wonderful job has an event every year that is a themed gala type event that focuses on doing business in international regions of the world. Held at one of the most outrageous hotels in Houston {Hotel ZaZa}, the World Trade Soiree, is definitely a night to remember.

This year’s theme is Luck Be Houston, complete with The Rat Pack and Miss Monroe herself! Check it out here!

What are online stores suck you in??

p.s. - vacation pictures coming soon. promise.

- Lindsey Nicole


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Those earrings are so cute!

Emily said...

That party sounds like a blast! Just came over from the htown bloggers page - welcome!

Lins said...

I saw your post on fb! Welcome to the group! I am new to the group and area too!! :) Cute blog! I am your newest follower.