Meal of the gods

I love having people over! Friends, family, bbq's, birthday parties - it doesn't matter I love it all.

I also love planning - it must be the creative in me, but I feel all parties need special preparation and planning and MUST involve amazing food.

{Now if you know me, then you know that sometimes I like to be in control - just sometimes}

This is the reason why I really like to do all the cooking for my get togethers. That and I feel like it's a talent show and people are going to judge my party by my food - eek!

Anyways my loving husband suggested that we have some people over to watch the Olympics and eat dinner - the.next.day.

WHAT? This does nothing for my nerves - seriously!

I needed quick food inspiration - enter homemade pizzas

This is the easiest and quickest dinner idea. Whether it's date night or you are having a bunch of friends over, it works!

All I did was buy the pre-packaged pizza dough {hey, I only had a day's notice remember!} and several jars of pizza sauce, bags of pizza cheese mixture and all the toppings your little hearts desire.

{To make my life easier, I had all the staples and then everyone brought whatever toppings they wanted}

Brush the dough with a little olive oil, build your pizza and then bake for 10-15 minutes.


Now, we all know you can't have a dinner party friends over without having a dessert that everyone will ooh and ahh over and ask you to bring to their next dinner party :)

{and by dinner party I mean all your friends standing around while eating off a napkin and drinking out of a beer bottle}
I saw these bad boys on Miss Taylor's blog and knew that I needed to find an excuse to make them ASAP {because it's wrong to make 18 cupcakes for only you and your husband right?}

Now I know I said the pizza the easiest thing ever - I lied - these are {how can they not be? only 3 ingredients - yes please!}

Smoosh {technical term} a cookie dough square in the bottom of each liner

Add your desired amount of peanut butter {if you are like my husband I had to make a few that were swimming in peanut butter just for him}

Pour some brownie mix over the top {don't over brownie them up though  or you will run out of mix}

If you are asking where have I been - the answer is in a food coma since I made this meal of the gods.
- Lindsey Nicole


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

That looks sooooo good! I just made a homemade pizza last night!!

Joanna said...


Lindsey said...

omg I'm drooling. All of it looks so amazeballs. Especially those deelish desesrts. Need in my life.