Dead fish, family, a wet dog and sunshine

Yeah those words accurately describe the two mini vacas that have taken over my brain and, unfortunately, my jelly rolls.

{don't worry I have been a good little girl this week}

Living in H-Town means that our closet 'beach' is Galveston. Galveston will always have a place in my heart because I grew up in Houston, but let's be honest. It lacks a certain something.

Like clear water. {on it's behalf, it's just silt that is constantly stirred up}

Back on track Lindsey. back on track

Beach trip #1:
My first trip to my make believe island paradise was a little getaway with my momma, my twin siblings and my best friend.

Take a look:

 1. The view from our balcony
2. To bad it was spoiled by thousands of dead fish. thousands.
    Apparently, a lack of oxygen due to extreme heat killed these little guys and then they washed
    up onshore. surprise.

 3. As always with mi familia - there is always some intense game playing
4. Check out this crazy creation that my little brother and my momma made
5. Just in case you didn't get enough dead fish - here is a closeup
6. My favorite beach time activity, even with fish everywhere - actually my favorite activity always
7. Hey there little buddy! - thats my little bro who isn't so little anymore :(
8. Last but not least, no road trip is complete without a stop at my favorite beaver heaven}
Beach trip #2
My second beach trip was with a day out with my hubby and my pooch. {his first time to the waves}
All of his funny faces make me laugh! {Lord help me when I have an 'actual' child!}
 As you can tell by the massive amounts of photos above, I do not like him at.all.


Happy Friday to all the beach and dog lovers out there. And everyone else too I guess!

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Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

haha who doesn't love dogs and beaches? Do those people exist?!?