A little of this...a little of that

I know I know...I can't keep up with my life right now and it seems that this little blog falls by the wayside and I'M SORRY!

Here is a quick recap {in pictures of course} from the last couple weeks - so you know I haven't been completely ignoring you....

1. Rodeo, Rodeo, Rodeo {it's March in Houston...what else is there}

That's us at the extremely talented and not so bad to look at Mr. Chris Young

I also got to see my girl Miranda and it was a blast! Remember this post? Yeah I kind of LOVE her AND her hubby who I also saw this Rodeo season!

And I had great company! Even though...sad news...my original date was busy puking her guts out :(

{Please excuse how hideously awful I look, as I may or may not be deathly somewhat allergic to horses...I know I'm pretty intelligent for going}

2. New toy!

Once you go MAC, you never go back. {That's not how it goes? What?} I have added another piece of technology from the gods to my collection and I.CANT.TURN.IT.OFF!

3. Fishing - Well they were...

My two favorite fellas...my maroon heart swells with pride! That would be the hubs and my baby brother {he isn't a baby anymore though...sniff}...by the way, that fish creeps me out...unless he is fried!

Here is my other favorite man
{Don't you just want to kiss him? The dog...}

4. WORK, WORK, WORK - but I did get to see an old friend!


5. Lastly, I have been losing sleep at night worrying about dying tomorrow...more to come on this if I live!

Lord, I am sorry for everything I have EVER done...please let me live!

More later...hopefully!

- Lindsey Nicole


Allison said...

You got the iPhone!!!! Welcome to the family : )

Lindsey Nicole said...

THANKS!! I seriously didn't know what I was missing until now lol