date night

even though mr. wonderful's life revolves around giant books containing various amounts of law mumbo jumbo...he decided to take a study break so we could have a date night!

it was a very classy and detailed oriented evening so get ready to be jealous!

first we went to pick up to-go orders at House of Pies (if you find yourself wondering what this is.....please take a day and go...your life will forever be changed!)

and that would be a slice of strawberry cheesecake for the hubby and a slice of carrot cake for me....now i know you are thinking, "wait it's called house of PIES", but have no fear they do have cake too!

next we stopped off at Redbox and rented the funniest movie of all time...

again if you haven't heard of this or seen it....please do! you will not regret it!

anyways that is the high sophisticated date night and it was one of the best ones yet...if i do say so myself!

Love always - Lindsey Nicole

ps - i know you are all (by all i mean the 2 people who are following me lol) wondering about how the wedding went in Corpus and i promise i will have pictures soon!

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