Mid-20s Crisis

Everyone has heard of mid-life crisis...well sad to say I just had a mid-20s crisis.

So I sat down and thought about my options...fancy new sports car.....plastic surgery.....a new pet.....a closet full of new shoes.....buuut I might just have to dig through the couch cushions for any of those, so I went with something a little less pricey, but JUST as dramatic.

TA-DA! 8 inches later (get your mind out of the gutter folks)

Don't judge me on the picture quality...Mr. Wonderful wasn't home to run the photo shoot. I love my new haircut! I foresee a winter full of cute headbands all new hair dos :)

Yes that is my devil baby in the background.....I promise to show you A LOT better pictures of the stinkiest cutest man in my life real soon!

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AModernSuburbanitesLife.com said...

Its called a Quarter Life Crisis peters!!