A part of something big

Yesterday I was privileged to be a part of something BIG - and I mean BIG! My crazy co-worker, Tess, whom I love oh so much asked me to help her do something special.

You see, Tessie (as I like to call her) is getting hitched! (See their engagement pics and the HUGE ROCK at www.amodernsuburbaniteslife.blogspot.com) Now 1st things 1st, she needs a maid of honor and who better to ask then her older sister.......but how you ask?

This is how! A homemade personalized coloring page done by ME!

This makes more sense when I tell you that Tessie's sister has a 3-year-old angel who will be the coloring artist for this masterpiece :)


- Lindsey Nicole


Farah said...

Yall are the cutest!

Leisha said...

yaay you have a blog!!! I'm a new follower and am excited to read more! :)