weekends...past and future

this past weekend i spent time doing things that are outside my box and surprise surprise I LOVED IT!

Saturday mr. wonderful and i spent the morning (even with freezing temperatures....52 degrees!) cementing fence posts, laying sod and digging trenches......court ordered community service - nope - habitat for humanity......aggie style!

i wish i could say i had pictures but those activities did NOT make for classy pictures :)

sunday - i attended one of the biggest conventions in the country.....the international quilt show! you can wake up now - it was actually very interesting! even better was the company who joined me - the most wonderful woman i know - my mom!

**my 21st birthday in vegas!

the quilts that we saw were more than just quilts - they were art.....check out a few


*can you tell i love dogs

i do have to skip to next weekend now because its another PACKED weekend because mr wonderful and i's 1st couple friends (awww cue cuteness) are finally getting married and we couldn't be more excited to stand with them on their special day!

so this week is full of craziness:
- preparing stinky face to spend the weekend with his grandma
- making our couple friends amazing wedding gift (that's another post!)
- cleaning out my car (i should win an award for this lol)
- figuring out what i am going to do with my crazy short hair at the wedding....eek!

anyways i will update y'all on all my craziness during the week and let you know how everything turns out!

always lindsey nicole

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