Return to civilization and $5 digital download

The vicious cycle of not blogging for more months than one can count goes a little something like this...

Month 1 - "It's only been a month and I have been super busy - I will apologize and be incredibly charming and all is forgiven right?"

Month 2 - "Damn, I forgot I wrote that post but never finished it last month. Hopefully when I am traveling for work I can catch up on my posts in the hotel. *big promises*"

Month 3 - "What the hell do I post that anyone who hasn't heard from me in 3 months will remotely give a shit about??"

Aaaand here we are.

So instead of talking to you too much, how about a special coupon?

The first 10 people to purchase this little beauty, will get the digital download for only $5 bucks!
*5x7 color file - perfect for that lonely frame on your vanity ;)

Hurry and grab one before some other gorgeous lady gets it!

Happy Hump Day {almost}!
 - Lindsey Nicole

1 comment:

Darby Hawley said...

Lindsey you crack me up ha! I still care!!!!