A Guest Post: Darby and the Hawley Pups

As you guys are reading this post, I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure I don't forget my underwear or my toothbrush before heading to the airport!

Pretty soon I will be popping some benadryl and snoozing my around the world {well maybe not completely around, but 10 hours around}

No worries though, Miss Darby from Life with the Hawleys is here to entertain you and she has brought two of her favorite people pups along!

{Let me tell you a secret - Darby and I have recently become bloggy friends {and real life friends} and this girl.is.legit! She works, crafts, cooks, take photos, loves her hubby and her pups, hangs out with friends AND still finds time to have a rocking blog!}

Auf Wiedersehen Freunden!


Hi Creatively Classy readers!  Thanks Lindsey for letting us come invade your blog space!

Hi!    DSC_0921-2DSC_0556-3
Our mom, Darby, blogs over at Life with the Hawleys. She is a fun lady who loves coffee, crafting, shopping, our dad, and photography so go check her out.  She talks a lot about us, but hey, could you blame her?!
Today we wanted to tell you about the Dog Days of Fall.  Everyone says things like the “dog days of summer” and “it's a dogs life”....but seriously folks, the dog life is best in the fall,  and here is why:
Snuggling (and playing) under the covers6d59c236d71c11e1b3f322000a1e8899_7

Football season (and our name-sake)  This is how I got my name, and this is how Rooney got his name.DSC_0136-2

Begging for Thanksgiving scraps (Mom says our brown eyes get her every time; we know the sad puppy face is our secret weapon)Collage 2

Homemade pumpkin treats (insert wild tail wagging)DSC05948-2

Long napsCollage 1

Taking our mom and dad on walks for their coffee breakDSC_0288-2

Dressing up 6407b04ef5f311e1900e22000a1cbaa0_7

Wearing our fancy party clothes

Doesn’t that sound like so much doggy fun?  We love this season!  Feel free to come over to our mom’s blog and hear more about our dog tails tales.  Our mom seriously can’t get enough of us.Collage 3

Thanks Lindsey for letting us share about our favorite season!



Joy said...

These two babies are so much fun to watch grow up! And I'm lucky enough to get some text message photos even when she isn't blogging about them. I ruff these babies!!

Darby Hawley said...

Thanks for letting the Hawley gang visit today :-) Have a great trip!

Sarah said...

Oh I love these pups and love that Tomlin wrote a post! What a rock star!

Helene said...

Ohhh my god these dogs are precious! Can't wait to check out her blog!