I would say that 62.75% of the time I am calm, cool and collected person and the other 37.25% - not so much. I tend to be the queen bee of worrying and right now I am feeling the buzz...
In T-4 days I will be boarding a plane for my first international flight to the land of deutsch
{totally made that up...what does deutsch even mean??}

{just in case you were wondering that line - it's 10 hours long - eeep!}
More specifically I will be here:
{Dusseldorf, Germany}
I am mega stressing over everything from what to pack, to the time difference, to how much money to take/exchange, to how many Christmas markets I can conquer while there!
The part of the trip that should be most stress free  is that it is a work trip so most fees are covered :) tough I know! Buuuuut...it is my first international work trip and that screams pressure people!
I need your help! Any advice, tips, suggestions, do's/don'ts, must sees, must eats, anything at all!!
P.S. - I have some excellent ladies ready to entertain you with the daily details of their lives and they may or may not be bringing along their furry friends!

- Lindsey Nicole


Sandra said...

I recently went on a work trip to Frankfurt! I flew alone from Dallas direct through the night. Took melatonin on the plane and once I landed I made sure NOT to nap that first day. I went straight to an ATM after passing through customs at the airport. And while in the cab I just used my iphone to track and make sure the cab was taking me where I asked him to! The first night there I took melatonin again to make sure I slept through the night. Safe travels!!

Brandi said...

I ADORE Germany! That being said I do not have too much advice for you because the last time I went I was 15, and we always stay with family when we are there! Germany is a wonderful country and I know you wil have a great time! I have heard that it is a must-do to take a Rhine river cruise! We also went and toured some castles, the Wartburg, the Burg Eltz and a couple others. Can't wait to hear about your trip! Ps its a 12 hour flight here from Cali and the worst part is having to sit still for so long!

Darby Hawley said...

Well I knew you were going out of town but I didn't know you were going here! That is awesome! You're going to love it! Pack a camera!

Bri Buzali said...

I hope you have a great trip! That is so exciting. I went to Germany once but it was during high school and I don't remember a whole lot. I can't wait to see pictures.

Helene said...

Have an amazing trip! I am beyond jealous!

Lins said...

Have fun! My MIL loves the Christmas markets there. She also gets some drink there it is warm and is an adult bevy of course! :)