Friday's Letters

I really enjoyed writing and reading all the Friday Letters last friday and this has officially become my favorite link-up!


Dear rain: I know I complained about the heat, but seriously its been a week - enough

Dear Murphy: I know you are on a diet {because you are the size of a brontosaurus}, but when you look at me with those damn eyes I cave. EVERY. TIME.

Dear husband: just don't watch me feed the dog people food - then you wouldn't have to get mad

Dear wallet: why are you empty all the time? I thought we were friends --- guess not.

Dear KiKi La'Rue: get in my closet. now. --- oh you need my wallet? maybe it will open for you...maybe

Dear all the Magic Mike haters: get over yourself --- we all know you love a good half naked man just much as the rest of us --- you just don't want your hubby to know :)

P.S. -- for those of us who aren't on a soap box, please watch this video and...

you. are. welcome.
{thanks Bargain Blonde!}

Happy freaking Friday --- {for those of you in Houston --- try not to drown through the weekend}

- Lindsey Nicole


Courtney B said...

Ooooh we've been having rain the past couple days and I'm LOVING it!! I wouldn't mind if it stuck around for a week :)

Erin said...

Oh my word those eyeballs just melt my heart!

Sarah said...

Found you through Friday's Letters! :) Send a little rain to Boston! When it's 100 degrees and my dog just wants to sunbathe when I bring him out, I about want to die every time. Magic Mike... yum! Loved every minute of it & didn't care in the least to let my husband know exactly where I was off to! :)