Happy day after the 4th and chocolate heaven

Happy post 4th of July to everyone! Hope you all had a day filled with food, fun, friends/family and fireworks!

Those are my four F's for the Fourth --- who knew I was so good at alliteration!

{don't hate me --- but these aren't pics of my 4th as it was less than exciting this year, but I still wanted to share my thoughts!}

I must say my favorite F is the FOOD {hence why I listed it first and could shed several a few pounds} ---

Anyways, one of my favorite summer yummies are two of the best foods on earth combined --- strawberries and chocolate {need I say more folks?}

{yes they are from Pinterest}

They are the easiest thing to make, because folks, Philadelphia cream cheese comes in chocolate --- WHAT???!!!

I am not even joking when I say it comes in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate {and that I might have eaten it with a spoon while making these - a lot}

All you do is cut a tiny bit of the bottom off {just enough so they stand up -- but dont make a hole} - then use a knife to make the hole as deep as you can without going through the bottom

OR buy this dandy little contraption {strawberry huller} which will take the top off AND make the perfect hole! Found at target for only $7.99

Now just fill with the softened cream cheese {I used a pastry bag with a pretty tip, but you can use a ziplock bag with a corner cut off}


The most important and fifth F -
Thank you to all who work to keep us free!

- Lindsey Nicole

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