No cinnamon rolls?!

Ever get up at 1130am early on Sunday morning and crave warm gooey cinnamon rolls? Ever realize you didn't have them? Ever cry tears of sadness?

Love me later, but here is the easiest solution to making cinnamon rolls appear out of thin air.

Grab that can of regular crescent rolls {that everybody keeps in their refrigerator} and roll them out without breaking the triangles apart. 

Sprinkle as little or as much cinnamon and sugar as you like all over the rectangle of dough. 

Roll the dough back up and use a knife to cut the log into however cinnamon rolls you want to make. 

Pop them into the oven and cook as directed on the crescent roll package. 

{While they are cooking mix 1 cup of powdered sugar with 2 tablespoons water to make the yummy icing that goes on top}

Drizzle the icing on the hot rolls and watch them disappear --- seriously you will eat them all. 

{cheat sheet cinnamon rolls!}

Do you have a cheat sheet recipe that you run to in a time of desperate need? SHARE!
- Lindsey Nicole

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