Kiki La'Rue skirt review!

Ugh I can finally breathe! Between obsessing watching the Olympics {USA Men's Gymnastics - what the hell happened? All those muscles and nothing? Such a shame...} and trying to just keep up with the calendar that seems to be flying by, I haven't had a chance to tell you about my newest Kiki La'Rue purchase!

First of all - who doesn't love getting a package in the mail? Then make it shiny and pink - pick me!
{I erased my address so you crazies can't stalk me lol - kidding - come visit anytime you're in Houston!}

Remeber this post? I had been eyeing {<is that how you spell that?} this little diddy for some time and I finally convinced my hubby that is was a life or death situation.

He chose life.

And here is the newest member of my family!

I had a little trouble trying to figure out what to pair it with at first. I am pretty sure I was just over thinking it because once I put on a simple black tank and tucked it in, it looked great!

I paired it with nude pumps and a black blazer {I am wearing it to work today} - but I think it would be just as cute and functional for a weekend outfit with a pair of sandals. {minus the blazer}

I also carried my camel colored bag to compliment the warm oranges and yellows in the skirt.

Oh yeah - the price... only $36.00 and worth.every.penny!

And Miss Becca - her cute little self - sent me the cutest birthstone necklace with my skirt! {Now that is customer service people!}

Seriously, even if the clothes weren't as cute as they are, I would order from them just because of the wonderful customer service.

It's like shopping in your best friends closet! ;)
- Lindsey Nicole


Courtney B said...

Umm... that looks STUNNING on you! Love the skirt! Definitely a good buy :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

you get a necklace with a skirt? I like this place already. And I like Miss Becca too.