Fridays Letters!

Here we go again!


Dear Friday: it's about freaking time - this week has felt like a week full of Mondays

Dear Kristen Stewart: really?

Dear Kristen Stewart's old man hook-up: really? really?

Dear intensly bright turquoise nail polish: where you a bad choice? Why do photograph blue?

Dear honey bunches: I love you even though you insist on watching Hillbilly Handfishin' - need I remind you that you Mr. are not a hillbilly nor will be ever go handfishin'?

Dear Olympics: USA! USA! USA!
          Dear Aggies in the Olympics: WHOOP!
Dear self: get it together girl! You must finish your business cards or no busines for you - and then no money for you - and then no vacation or new shoes for you - ripple effect :/

Dear friend: I will continue to call and check on you no matter what you say - so stop whining!

Dear Colorado movie shooter: I think we should just nuc you and be done with it

Dear God: Please forgive me for the intensity of the above letter!

- Lindsey Nicole


Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Hahahaha! This just cracked me up! I think we should nuc the shooter as well.
Have fun watching the olympics, Lindsey!

Erin said...

He's now saying he has amnesia. I can't. I cringe.

Jamie said...

That nail polish is seriously awesome.

Allison said...

this blog makes me happy : ) .... now get to work on those business cards!