Friday's Letters - for the first time!

Today is the day for my 1st official link up and I am very excited! So here goes -- no judging


Dear birthday: can you come back - I kind of like being a brat

Dear hair: why do I randomly style you and LOVE it and then can NEVER replicate it when it really counts

Dear calendar: slow the f*$# down! I can't keep up with you

Dear weather in Maine: join me in Houston?

Dear Magic Mike: no words can describe you --- except maybe hot and slightly inappropriate --- but mostly hot {sadly you do not belong to me - keep him close Jenna, keep him close}

Dear Emily: the final two better be Sean and Jeff - then you are on your own honey {unless ABC allows you to keep them both, then definitely go with that option!} P.S. - where did you get the dress you wore to Sean's house!? Can you send it to me? Great, thanks.

Dear husband: you know you love me --- even though I can be slighly annoying

Dear self: just because you went on vacation, then had a birthday and then celebrated the 4th DOES NOT mean you can skip Crossfit for 3 weeks --- no ma'am --- we are all regretting it aren't we?

That wasn't too bad was it? {And kind of fun!} Have a wonderful weekend!
- Lindsey Nicole


Ashley said...

Time is really flying this summer-- I totally agree! Super cute blog, girl :)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Ugh doesn't it stink how easily the exercise can get away from us? I need to get back into it too!

Jamie said...

I am the same way with hair. I can never get it right when it really matters. New follower!

Anna said...

Lol'd at all of those. Also nodded my head in agreement. Why is it so effing HOT everywhere I go???? Ugghhhh.

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog... and I had my FIRST Friday letters last Friday as well! I have to agree with almost all of those... Especially Magic Mike... ow ow! And of course the hair thing, because my hair is the EXACT SAME WAY... So annoying! And all wife's are able to be annoying on occasion... :)