Woman's Best Friend

First let me say that I haven't thought about blogs - looked at blogs - written blog posts - or even talked blogs in WEEKS!

Today I finally got to take a few hours minutes to update myself on everyone's little blog worlds and I realized one thing - I. MISS. BLOGGING.

So ladies and gents - I am back and what better post to start with than one about a stinky, hairy, 4-legged beast who I am pretty sure is secretly a human on the inside, therefore we just pretend he is our child.

Exhibit A: Yes we dress him up for fun and to take disgustingly cute pictures to show the grandparents

                    I know - He is his father's son!

Exhibit B: He eats his dinner at a dinner table

Exhibit C: He gives his mom and dad those "puppy dog" eyes - HA

Ugh - those eyes kill me. EVERY TIME.

Exhibit D: We force him to take pictures with us and just like kids...he loves it!

They are the most handsome men I have ever seen...one of my favorite pics!

Here is another random - super cute photo of my men doing what they do best  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Oh - and we video tape him doing silly things and show EVERYONE

I know I know - you are now in love with my Murphy boy - but he's mine! {And so is the man!}

Speaking of my man - Did y'all now our 1st wedding anniversary is days away...EEK! More to come!

P.S. - I feel like I have to clarify that before he morphed into a brontosaurus-
he came home looking like this:

{be still my heart!}

- Lindsey Nicole


Erin said...

Oh good god another blog to stalk and live vicariously through since I can't afford or have any room for a huge puppy. He's so cute! Yay for team puppy. I pet every lab I see on the streets too, no worries!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

awwww. he is one good lookin' dog! pup and grown both!