First comes love, then comes marriage

It's that time again...wedding season!

Last weekend we went to a shower for some old high school friends who are finally getting hitched! The craziest part is that me and the hubby knew the couple separately at different times...confused?

Introducing the future Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
{disgustingly cute...i know}

You see - Brian and I go way back...he was one of my first friends in high school; and he and hubs - even farther back....we're talking little leaguers

{check out the hubby's long hair! haha}

As for Ms. Emily her and I were yearbook nerds together in high school - oh how I wish I could find those pictures! {Six Flags ring any bells??}

And the hubs met her when she was my roomie in college and now they are law school preps together.

{yes I'm dressed like a deer and her a mummy...and?}

So one ridiculously mildly drunken night - BT's birthday I do believe - I thought it would be a great idea to convince these two drunkards to kiss and folks it was all down hill from there!

{Em - your welcome for introducing you to the love of your life and for broadcasting how it all started!}

Congrats to you both! We can't wait for June 16th!

- Lindsey Nicole

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