To romp or not to romp

1st things 1st - it's hot as hadies in Houston during the summer and I am all for lightweight clothes that you don't make you sweat buckets - but I don't know if I can jump on the romper bandwagon.

Secretly - somewhere deep inside - I wish I could pull them off {and I always say "if you can own it, you can pull it off"}, but I don't know about these bad boys...

This is what I hope to look like in a romper:

{let me be clear - I am not a huge fan of any of the ladies, but they pull it off well}

Here is what I would actually look like in a romper:

Jess - honey - I'm against all the haters who make fun of your weight gain, but when you wear stuff like this I can't help you. {Even if this was during baby stage -  still not a good choice!}

I will give her credit for the bag and the bling...A+ Jess

My conclusion...stop eating...loss half my body weight...wear romper.


What are your thoughts on the romp??
- Lindsey Nicole


Leisha said...

Ok this may be a dumb question...but how do you go to the bathroom without getting completely undressed!!???

Erin said...

My upper region is to flat and my butt sticks out too far for rompers. I look so disproportional. And that whole bathroom thing Leisha asks about...yeah you get naked in those tiny bathroom stalls. NO good.

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

rompers are only for the rexi. i need you to post your salsa woman!

Lindsey Nicole said...

Yeah bathroom breaks in a romper may pose a problem! Erin - you have it right...they are definitely not made for us woman who have features lol

tess - salsa post coming i swear!