365 days

365 days ago, I woke up smiling - thinking about the man I was going to walk down the isle to that day; the man who had been with me through everything for the past 7 years; the man who makes me smile every day...

Day 1 (May 27, 2011) - I married the love of my life and began a journey through the most important 365 days of a girl's life.

Day 5 - We moved into the place that we would call our first home; the place where we would have many more firsts as Mr. and Mrs. 

Day 35 - According to the state of Texas, became Lindsey Peters

Day 40 - We combined the only thing left to combine - the bank accounts :/

Day 94 - I made him a 'good luck on your first day of school' breakfast

Day 181 - We celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our new families - as a true member of each

Day 199 - I hopped on a plane to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, where I spent my honeymoon with the one man who makes life worth living.

Day 212 - We hung the traditional "Our First Christmas" ornament on our very own tree.

Day 365 - Again, I woke and smiled. This time at the man lying next to me and realized that I if I can wake up next to him everyday, my life is complete. 

I can truly say that even though we have had our ups and downs, all along the way, I wouldn't trade one day.

Thank you for the best 365 days a girl could dream of. Let's shoot at least 18,253 more.
That's 50 years...so here's to you and me!

- Mrs. Peters

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