No matter how crappy I feel - if I put on a my eyes I feel like I can tackle the day!
{That goes for contacts too - glasses just don't make me feel my best}

But most importantly is a girl's mascara...there is something about it that just makes you feel instantly like a girl. {That a good pair of heels of course}If I wear nothing else - I will take a few minutes to put on mascara.

That is why the ever lasting search for the perfect mascara is always on my mind and I swear it never fails that as soon as I think I have found "THE ONE" somebody tells me about "the best mascara they have ever tried" and the search begins again!

So at the moment I am currently packing on the layers of this fabulousness in a tube:
Too Face Queen Sized Mascara

Kind of creepy, but check out the results!
{Don't judge my eyebrows damnit...I'm getting them done this weekend!}

I don't know about you - but I just think it does a great job of creating think, full, dark lashes that are perfect for every look! Agree? - Get it here!

What is your favorite mascara?
- Lindsey Nicole

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