I'm leaving on a jet plane...

NOT! I just wish I was leaving on a jet plane....let's say...tomorrow?

How about here?

or maybe here


or maybe even here

Ugh - decisions, decisions.....YEAH RIGHT

It's official - I have travel fever...

Maybe it's because my in-laws are laying on a white sandy beach as we speak OR my coworker Tessie, who is currently practicing being a newlywed on a white sandy beach OR my two super cute college friends who are getting hitched in a couple weeks who are jumping aboard an Italian cruise

So, basically, I need June to hurry up and get here so I can start racking up those frequent flyer miles...here I come...

Boston, MA {Maybe I will come back with a neat accent!}

Nashville, TN {I'm bringin' me home a country star!}

Dusseldorf. Germany {First time to Europe...WHOOP!}

Okay enough - I am starting to get even more antsy to go! 

Where are some your bucket list places to visit?

- Lindsey Nicole

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