Love & marriage part 2 - the shower

So the other day I posted this about my two friends who are getting married in a few weeks!

Well I forgot to mention more about their shower - i.e. what we got them and what I wore of course haha

The outfit - two rules 1.) NO WHITE - do not be that girl and 2.) Don't upstage the bride

In a panic the morning of the shower I realized, I didn't have anything to wear {or in my husband's terms - I don't like anything in my closet} - so off to the mall we headed and an hour and $29 later we bought this little number

{Super comfy in the 150 degree Houston weather and the price couldn't be beat!}
{Charlotte Russe}

The gift - you know me and my creative crap, so I had to do something different. I am not a fan of just giving a wrapped box - BORING!

This idea is very simple especially if the Mr. and Mrs. register for a kitchen set {you know - the spataula, spoon, can opener, etc}

All you need is that set {or just buy individual pieces from their registry list} and a cute pot holder that matches their soon-to-be community kitchen and voila...

{you can't see everything in this picture, but there are measuring cups in the bottom and various utensils sticking out of the top - and then the card of course}
 I don't think they make new wedding cards very often - because I saw them open several that looked pretty familiar :/
The shower was a success and wonderfully done. It was an Italy themed shower because the happy couple are jumping aboard a cruise ship to Italy for their honeymoon! {cue my vacation fever again!}

Thanks for good time guys {and the wine and beer and champagne}!

P.S. - anniversary post/pics coming soon!
- Lindsey Nicole

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