Let the journey begin...

As much as I love {with a capital L} jet setting --- I HATE packing. Probably more than I hate leaving my handsome hubby and precious pooch at home!

I guess I will deal with it though if it means I get to jump on a plane to somewhere fun!

{I finally get to take one of my talked about trips!!}

Sunday I will make the 1800 mile trip to Boston, MA {maybe I will come home with a cool east coast accent} or a work trade show and I couldn't be more excited because this lady has never been anywhere on the east coast!

Don't get me started on how long it took me to decide on clothing and shoes, but no matter where or when I am traveling I always start with the essentials!

A girl's guide to traveling anywhere anytime --- according to a wanna be professional traveler --- me!

{1.} I don't know the technical term for these bags (side body bag?) --- but I think they are the perfect travel bag because you don't have to worry about people snatching them or pick pocketing you!

{2.} This is the most recent addition to my all time travel list and its all thanks to Tessie. I got to have my China Glaze top coat and various shades of Sinful Color polish! {My newest addition - Oasis}

{3.} The only two meds a girl needs (besides the BC of course!) --- allergy medicine and migraine medicine --- not only a travel must, but a purse must as well!

{4.} Every pair and style of underwear I own --- I secretly have a fear of being out of town without enough underwear --- totally relevant because I go so many places that don't sell underwear right?

{5.} Extra hair ties and bobby pins --- my husband hates when I buy bobby pins because he swears that I wear them once and then leave them in places that bug him on purpose {the shower/beside table/his truck} --- but I swear these two items seem to constantly disappear!

{6.} Bandaids --- for those long days/nights of cute heels --- ouch

{7.} Books --- I love to read EVERYWHERE --- on the plane, at the hotel pool, at night in the hotel, on the beach --- EVERYWHERE!

{8.} Swimsuits --- you never know when you will do a little hotubbing or take a side trip to the beach so I say --- always be prepared right!

Well it looks like I am all packed and ready to head out --- I will miss you while I am gone, but no worries you are in good hands with a few guest bloggers I have lined up!

{Tell me what you can't travel without --- I can always add to my list!}

See you soon ---

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Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

band aids? really? haha. have a good trip! I'll be bored to tears at the office!