Just checking in!!

So it seems that my little piece of heaven survived my absence - all thanks to the lovely ladies that guest posted for me!

Muchas gracias to Miss Tess, Miss Erin and Miss Lindsey for keeping everyone entertained! {They are great aren't they?!}

{And thanks so much to all their readers for visiting me and leaving your great comments! Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs too!}

I sure do have lots to tell y'all {man it feels good to be in the south again!} about my wild adventures in yankee land! This one calls for a multiple poster {?} lol

But - here are a few teasers:

{1} I have perfected the art of the native Bostonian accent and like to throw it around in conversation to the dismay of my husband

{2} Note to self: You do NOT like public transportation - especially underground ones

{3} Try as I might - I could not escape hell's heat {except in Lobster land}

{4} 1.8 lb lobster is a lot of work for a relatively small amount of food - however, apparently, they are a dieters dream


AAAAAAND - ladies and gentlemen Monday was the start of birthday week {as my husband would say through clenched teeth} as tomorrow is my day of birth and I am turning the BIG 2-4!

What to do - what to do? HELP! I NEED SUGGESTIONS!

- Lindsey Nicole


Erin said...

Yayyyy happy almost birthday!!! I consider today to be the start of my birth week because a week from today is my own bday. Wahoo! Bday twins

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Haha oh my gosh we have the same birthday! Happy Birthday girl!!