Some Unfinished Bizznazz: LA Slim Wrap

Good Morning Lovies!

Lindsey is off in Boston having a good time working a tradeshow so you're stuck with me today.

I'm Tess and a I run a lil’ space called A Modern Suburbanite’s Lifewhere I spastically catalog all the random thoughts and happenings in my life…with a focus on wedding planning, city living (even though I am from the burbs’) and now newlywed life. Oh and my nail polish. I really, really enjoy some good polish.

Ok awkward introduction out of the way.. Now onto the good stuff. An LA slim wrap! The LA “slim wrap creates and stimulates inch loss by releasing toxins from the body's fat cell.”

Now the million dollar question - and the reason you are even reading this: Did it work? Yes it really did. Keep reading.

 I went to wrapped in wellness in Southwest Houston (going to one of these places makes you feel a lil’ kooky. I will not lie about that) and the LA slim wrap originally costs 175 bucks-ish. I bought it on groupon – because no, I am not that desperate to lose some inches- for 50 bucks.
I showed up and was instructed to bring another set of undies, wear flip flops and a wireless bra. I opted to wear a sports bra. Ok so first up, you obviously have to strip down to undies and bra. Then she starts wrapping you in clothe gauze that has been soaked in solution REAL tight. I almost snapped a picture of myself, but realized I that a picture of myself in gauze head to toe would be too much for the interweb. So use your imagination and think of this girl!
Except I didn’t wrap my calves / ankles because I already have chicken legs and didn’t need to lose any inches in that area.

After I was wrapped – they poured more solution on me so I wouldn’t get everything wet.
This is me wrapped! I could hardly walk and they put me in this huge suit.

I watched a movie for an hour.

Then Voila!
They unwrapped me.

gave me hot tea – because you suddenly get really cold. And then she measured me.

The inches I lost were:

1.25 on my bra-strap (hello strapless wedding dress!)

1.4 inches in my hips

1 inch on my tummy

.5 inches on each thigh

.25 on each arm

And I don’t really remember the rest but I DEFINITELY looked thinner. And when she added up all the inches I lost all over my body it was 9 inches total. 9 inches! What sucks is I hate my arms, and they are the most stubborn thing to lose weight even when working out and dieting. Well same for this.. they didn’t really improve that much. According to Maggie, my hips and tummy did phenomenal because this is most likely where I carry all my toxins. Ewwie.

My only regret is I did this on the Wednesday before my wedding and I wish I had done it closer to the day of. Because once you lose all that water weight – you really shouldn’t eat or drink poorly and put it back on. But other than that, I will def scoop another groupon up when it becomes available! I’ll probably do it for Emily’s wedding. Fo Sho.

Now, this isn't supposed to be on the ONLY thing you do to look thinner. She mentioned eating well, working out we're must-do's after getting the wrap, and that during award season celebrities will have the wrap done once a week, (the maximum amount of times you can do it) AND eat likes rabbits, AND work out like maniacs. I mean but who has time for all that?

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Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

yup you have sold me! Lets go together before the wedding. Hope your having fun in Boston Lindsey.

kristen said...

I want this!

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...
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Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...


Jamie said...

Eat well, exercise, blah blah. Loving that the quickie solution kind of sort of worked!

Lindsey said...

umm ... I want to do this. I lol'd at your wrap pic. IRL.

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

the funniest part was walking. and she literally had to push me on the couch bc I couldnt bend!! They have one in the Big D

Hilary said...

HA! That suit is ridic. Great post!!

Anonymous said...

did you try the REAL LA SLIMWRAP in LA?

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

no I live in Texas, but I'd love to try it. I even thought this one worked so the real deal can only be better I guess.

TheStylish said...

Great review! Check out TheStylish's video on LA Slim Wrap here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdsXCe39knI