Your Gyno and Your Hairdresser

Today was D-Day

Downunder Doctor Day --- hazards of being female :/

{Don't worry I won't get into the nitty gritty because if you are a female, you get it....it blows}

So while I was sitting there naked in that God awful sorry excuse for a hospital gown, the OBGYN nurse is discussing my highlights and how much she loves them. wierd. 

Anyways --- she says to me "Honey, there are two things in life you don't change - your gyno and your hairdresser!" 

Amen sister!

As much as I love my stylist - she probably hates me because every few months I walk in with some new idea/color/style for her to replicate and again I love her because she usually groans {possibly bitches me out under her breath} and then works her magic!

Well --- it's that time again and I am bored with my mane -- so what to do?

No more cutting for awhile --- I miss the long locks :( 

So maybe some color will satisfy my itch --- I secretly wish I was a petite Latina with dark eyes and dark hair {Eva Longoria -- total girl crush!} so I tend to lean that way....

Or do I go southern belle blonde since it's hot as hadies and the sun kissed look is in?

Or do I go with the ombre look? NOT --- I have some how managed that already and thats purely for lack of funds to fix this train wreck

{one of my favorite dresses right now --- Forever 21}

UGH --- what are some of y'alls favorite trends for hair right now? HELP!

{and your welcome for the lady party talk...always a conversation starter right?!}

- Lindsey Nicole

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