Saw it - Pinned it - Did it Link Up

I think this link up is absolutely perfect for creative freaks like me who spend more than a respectable about of time on Pinterest!
I am also in love with this link-up because my very first baby blog post was on a Pinterest project come to life and it is perfect for fall-ish weather!
I originally saw this picture on Pinterest and knew that I immediately wanted them for my new mantle - however I needed to modify a few things first.
{1.} Orange pumpkins are not part of my beachy, cool color palette living room
{2.} The tiny dots of glitter would NEVER turn out that perfect and clean looking
{3.} I was NOT going to pay the $30 per pumpkin I saw them selling for online
Enter Hobby Lobby - the place of gods
*I will warn you - glitter on everything you own doesn't make for fun cleanup
**Except if it's on your already cute puppy then it's okay
***Only if he is not a he, because then the husband will whine

Learn how I did it here!!

- Lindsey Nicole


Miranda said...

lovin' your version...and the orange on white--perfecto!!

Stephanie said...

ok that is SO cute! I LOVE the white! Who would have ever thought to paint a pumpkin white?? Great job!!

Thanks for linking up!! See you next week for round two, yes?! :)

Rachel @ front row seat said...


J and A said...

So pretty!!! Great job. Love the white!

Darby Hawley said...

That is so pretty! I like your spin on this pin!