Fat animals, cyberstalking and a proposal!

Side note: I just realized this post never posted like it was supposed to - so fair warning, it's old - like a week old

Can we still be friends? Even though I have been a bad blog friend and not had a chit chat with you or told you any gossip in WEEKS!?

So let's catch up...with a weekend update!

Saturday my boys played Ole Miss and I can honestly say it was, hands down, the UGLIEST win I have ever seen! But, hey, a W is a W right?!?

We had some fellow Ags over to cheer the boys on and of course we had some yummies...I made red velvet whoopie pies and even though they were mutant pies the size of my face - they were a hit!

{and I have like 100 left - so who wants one?!}

Murphy also got to see his new lady friend Mia 
{I'm not sure but I think he is smitten}
{look at that look he is giving me! - "Seriously Mom? Your embarrassing me!"}

{he loves her}
Speaking of dogs - Murphy got lectured at the vet for overeating; And my that, I mean my husband and I got lectured for feeding him too much :/
{How do you say no to those eyes damnit!?}
Sunday was a busy day! I got taken advantage of by Target, but it was worth it because of the super cute new clothes that are now hanging in my closet.
{I promise we do sleep with sheets folks...they were just in the washer}
{be still my heart}
Then we went to church and got to hear Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed, speak about his past and his journey to God. Truly an amazing story - I can't wait to buy his new book to read the rest.

We also got a free concert!! "With arms wide open. Under the sunlight. Welcome to this place...." Sing along!
 Lastly, I finally got to attend my first blogger meet up! Thanks so much to the Houston Blogger Social Club for being so friendly {and social}!

We met up at the delicious Tasting Room in the Galleria and chit chatted over the most yummy food!
{my eggs benedict - they were calorie free}

I got to know some the faces that I read about on a daily basis and it was so great.

Also slightly strange, because I felt like a stalker meeting her cyber obsession for the 1st time #lifeofablogger

Here's a group picture from Miss Darby's super cute blog, Life with The Hawleys!

And last, but certainly not least, I got the best surprise in the mail from one of my bestest best friends that I haven't see in so long because she lives in the middle of nowhere Midland, TX! 
{Shh, don't tell her I said that!}
I am so happy for her and her soon-to-be hubby and I couldn't be happier that she asked me to share in her special day!! I spy a road trip {or plane ride} to Midland for some wedding planning!
Erin, get my margarita ready!!!

Happy Tuesday! {if there is such a thing}
- Lindsey Nicole


Courtney B said...

Umm... I totally want one! Do you even have to ask? Of course the pregnant girl wants one, ha ha! Too bad this post is a week late and they are probably all gone! And I live soooo far away :(

Darby Hawley said...

So glad to finally meet you in person!!! That is such a fun way to ask to be in a wedding!

The Cavallaro's said...

For starters, I am SOO sad that I missed the meet up! I keep seeing so many pictures and I keep kicking myself that I wasn't able to go! I LOOVE the way your friend asked you to be her bridesmaid! That is such a cute idea! I love it!!! Glad I stumbled across your blog from the Houston Blogger FB page!!