Things you shouldn't have to do when you're sick

It's that time of year again...
Leggings and boots
Pumpkin spiced lattes
Cutsie scarves
Snuggline by the fire
Swapping germs with every bozo who wants to shake your hand or hug you - which brings me to a list of things I shouldn't have to do I don't do since I am sick
1. Go to work {This one probably isn't a problem, because nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles}
2. Be attractive - in any way shape or form {Come on, what's more attractive than a snotty nose?}
3. Cook {or clean for that matter} - can't my husband someone just bring me food and clean my house for me?
4. Socialize - anybody else want to punch the next person who says "aww you don't look so good" - As if I needed reassuring that my Rudolph nose and creeper heavy breathing isn't cute...
5. Move or think - If I could, my tush would permanently be planted on the couch with remote in hand and Days playing in the background.
{I totally need this set up - minus the bad 90's haircut and clothing choices}
What are your no no's for when you are sick?

- Lindsey Nicole


Married...with a Pup said...

Oh no, hope you get to feeling better soon! Love your blog, super cute.

Darby Hawley said...

Yuck! I completely agree with all of these. I left work yesterday not feeling well. boo

Hope you feel better soon!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Hih, that picture ^^, I'm definitelty going to need one of those as well

PS: be sure to drop by my new blog :3