TGIFL - Thank God it's Friday Letters!

I haven't done Friday letters and my brain says it's about time so here we go
Dear election - I'm going to need you to hurry up, so I can have my husband back.
Dear olive cheese bread - I am so glad we found each other - but why do you keep disappearing?

Dear Trader Joe's and Three Buck Chuck - Welcome to the South! We love you!
Dear Hart of Dixie - I wish you came on everyday; P.S. - Zoey pick Wade!!!!
Dear Fall - are you lost?
Dear baby sister - *sniff *sniff
Dear Aggies - BTHO LSU!!! {please?}
Dear Johnny Football
Dear Kristin - thanks for loving on my Aggies today!

Dear husband - Thanks for cleaning the entire kitchen after our little dinner party the other night! P.S. - Thanks for being you!

- Lindsey Nicole


Lins said...

I LOVE Hart of Dixie!! I'm out of town this week so I haven't gotten to watch the episode.


Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh that olive cheese bread looks great! and what is your husband doing that the election is taking him away?