Everything but the kitchen sink...part 1

So what has kept me from entertaining you people with all my clever antics all these days??

LIFE {well that and trying to catch up with Days of Our Lives}

Since January, my work and home life have been racing at full speed to see which can kill me first...in a picture...I sometimes feel like this:

So here is my life the last several weeks in snapshots...short and sweet

My good friend Tess {check her out at AModernSuburbanitesLife}, who I helped ask her Maid of Honor with this sweet idea asked me to help her create her save the dates and they are uber cute, if I do say so myself!

{Here's the back}

One of my family friends who is like a second mom to me has started her own catering company, 6th Street Catering & Events, and asked me to do the marketing for her. I jumped at the opportunity to get some real life graphic design work and help out an AMAZING lady!

{her monogram/logo.....so stinkin' cute!}

{go ahead, call her.....you WON'T regret it!}

And that's only a small glimpse...MORE TO COME!

- Lindsey Nicole

{P.S. - See something you like?? Send me a message and let me create something amazing for you!}

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